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Gasochem International has over forty-five years of chemical manufacturing experience and technical expertise, coupled with a proven track record in providing quality specialty chemicals, food ingredients, and metal powders as and when required, Gasochem International is an ideal toll service . ​ provider.

Outsourced manufacturing can save money in a number of ways. It cuts the cost of maintaining production facilities, purchasing raw materials, hiring labor, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Without the worry and expense of a manufacturing facility, customers can focus more resources on their core .​ business.

We are not only the toll manufacturer but also the solution provider for your chemical needs. In today’s world, customers need more from chemical distributors & toll manufacturers and that’s what we do – ​ REDEFINE CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION..

We provide a holistic solution to our customers with high focus on innovation and agility to quickly adapt to changing preferences. Gasochem International is certified ISO 9001:2015 and we buy chemicals and ingredients to meet high purity of 99.99% to meet or exceed chemical regulatory grades of ACS, USP, NSF and the FCC.CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION..

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