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Our Mission is to provide sustainable, innovative and quality solutions that contribute to improve our environment and serve our stakeholders


We Redefine Chemical Distribution

Sustainability @ Glance

Gasochem international pledged to participate in Net zero Emissions by 2060. Around 67% of the products we sell are biofuels or biofertilizers or carbon-free chemical


Outsourcing is good for business. You do what you do best and leave it on us to do the rest. Do you know if you outsource your products you could save 60% in labor costs and increase your company efficiency by 25%.

Supply Chain

How to generate value from supply chain instead of only reacting to market requirements. We at Gasochem International work with your team to resolve the supply chain issues within your comapny by providing optimal solutions.

Core Values

Customer Centric

We take care of our customer needs

People Matters

We care about others, and we seek diversity and inclusion


Our solutions are designed to be profitable for both ourselves & our customers


We are a trustworthy partner, and you can trust us with your information confidential

Bulk Supplier and Toll Manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals, Food Ingredients and Metal Powder for more than 40 years

Who We Are

Gasochem International has over forty-five years of chemical manufacturing experience and technical expertise, coupled with a proven track record in providing quality specialty chemicals, food ingredients, and metal powders as and when required, Gasochem International is an ideal Bulk supplier and Toll service provider. Outsourced manufacturing can save money in a number of ways. It cuts the cost of maintaining production facilities, purchasing raw materials, hiring labor, and ensuring regulatory compliance…..

Our products are purchased from ‘approved manufacturers’ through a rigorous vetting process to exacting, detailed specifications.

Markets Served

Construction Chemicals

Cosmetics/ Personal Care Chemicals

Electronics Chemicals

Feed Additives

Food Additives and Ingredients

Cleaning products, home work colorful theme

Industrial and Institutional Cleaners


We are Gasochem

Learn more about our principles, our dedication, and our passion for offering you the best services and solutions across a range of sectors by watching our images, videos.

Gasochem Achievements

Gasochem International was ranked 3328 in 2022 as fastest growing companies

Gasochem was ranked top 10 fastest minority company in 2021 and 2022

Gasochem international female executives were awarded influential business award in 2022

Our Testimonial

Purchasing Manager at USDA

“Keep up the good work.” We appreciate your high-quality materials.”

Buyer at US Navy

“Your service exceeds our needs." Thank You.”

Buyer at US Army

“I think the team [does] good work. To be honest I don’t know what can be better..”

Buyer at US Airforce

“Great customer service. [Staff is] always on top of things. Very efficient.”

Buyer at Primary Chemicals

“I don’t see anything to be improved for the time being. I was late on ....”

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