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Specialty Adhesives and Sealants

Specialty Adhesives and Sealants

Specialty adhesives and sealants are characterized by cross linking after application to provide excellent physical properties. Most of the compounds are epoxies and polyurethanes and silicones. ‘Gasochem International’ see an increased demand in the automotive and aircraft industries as manufacturers switch to plastics and composites. Increase production of battery packs for Electric Vehicles requires extensive use of epoxy and polyurethane adhesives.

Function Type Chemical
Adhesives Polyurethane Adhesives o   PMDI/TDI/MDI/HDI/XDI/IPDI
o   Moisture cure PU
o   Thermoplastic PU
o   Polyol PU
o   Dispersion PU
o   Reactive Hot Melt
Epoxy Adhesives
Radiation-curable Adhesives o   Ultraviolet (UV)/ Visible Light (VL) o   Electron Beam (EB) o   Optical Clear (OCA)
Cyano-acrylate Adhesives
Modified Acrylic Adhesives
Anaerobic Adhesives
  Sealants Polysulfide
Polyurethane (Polyurea)
Silicone (Room Temperature Cure Vulcanizates (RTVs)
Silyl Modified Polymer (MS)
Polyvinyl Acetate Latex

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