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Oil Field Chemicals

Oil Field Chemicals

Nowadays, improved oil recovery is one of the main strategic priority areas in petroleum industry.  To achieve this oil companies are focusing on right kind of oil field chemicals that can enhance hydrocarbon production. Oil field chemicals have various positive function such as drilling optimization, corrosion protection, prevent mud loss in different geological formations, stabilize drilling fluid in high pressure and high temperature environment, and many more. Our team of scientists can help you chose the right chemical for your application. In United States Oil field chemicals markets has shown growth by 4% every year.

Gasochem International work with private, federal, state, and local agencies to supply them oil field chemicals which are listed below:


Function Use Type Chemicals
Drilling Fluid Alkalinity Ph/ Control Additives o   Sodium Hydroxide o   Potassium Hydroxide o   Sodium Bicarbonate o   Soda Ash
Dispersants o   Lignosulfonates o   Causticised Lignite o   Chrome Lignite
Emulsifier o   Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate o   Polyaminated Fatty acid
Filtrate Reducer o   Carboxy Methyl Cellulose o   Carboxy Methyl Starch
Flocculants o   Sodium Bicarbonate o   Sodium Tetraphosphate
Lost Circulation Materials o   Ground Nut Shells o   Mica Flakes o   Cellulosic Fiber (Fine & Coarse)
Lubricants o   Ep Lube
Shale Control Inhibitors o   Sodium Silicate o   Calcium Sulphate o   Potassium Chloride o   Calcium Lignosulfate o   Diammonium Phosphate
Weighting Agents o   Barite (Barium Sulphate) o   Hematite (Speculan) o   Ilmenite (FeTiO3) o   Calcium Chloride o   Calcium Bromide
Viscosifiers o   Bentonite o   Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) o   Attapulgite Clays
Biocides o   Glutaraldehyde o   Dithiocarbamates o   Isothiazolones
Corrosion Inhibitors o   Zinc Carbonate
Defoamers o   Alcohol based o   Silicone based o   Polyglycol based o   Aluminium Stearate
Viscosity/Filtration Control o   Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC)
Hydrate Inhibitors o   Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) o   Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Workover/ Completion Fluid   Completion Brines o   Calcium /Sodium/Zinc Bromide o   Calcium Chloride o   Potassium Chloride o   Potassium Formate o   Sodium Formate
Fluid Loss Additives o   Calcium Carbonate o   Resinated Lignite
Viscosifiers o   Hydroxyethylcellulose o   Xanthan Gum
Cementing Chemicals Accelerators o   Calcium Chloride o   Sodium Sulfate o   Sodium Silicate
Dispersants o   Lignosulfonates o   Sodium Chloride o   Napthalene Sulfonate
Fluid Loss Additives o   HEC o   CMHEC
Lost Circulation Materials o   Gilsonite o   Cellophane Flakes o   Ground Walnut Shells
Retarders o   Lignosulfonates
Weighting Material and Density Modifers o   Bentonite o   Pozzolan o   Haematite
Stimulation Chemicals Acids o   Hydrochloric Acid
Breakers o   Peroxydisulfates
Fluid Loss Additives o   Benzoic Acid o   Graded Napthalene o   Sodium Chloride
Proppants o   Ottawa Sand o   Glass Beads
Viscosifier o   Hydroxypropyl guar (HPG) o   Carboxymethylhydroxypropyl guar (CMHPG)
Production Chemicals Corrosion Control o   Fatty Diamines
Demulsification o   Polyglycol Esters and Ethers
Drag Reducers o   Polyalphaolefins o   Polyalkoxylates
Foam Control o   Polydimethyl Silicones
Hydrate Control o   Methanol o   MEG/TEG
Hydrogen Sulfide Control o   Triazines o   Amines and Ethanolamines
Microbiological Control o   Glutaraldehyde o   Acrolein o   Formaldehyde
Scale Control o   Diethylene triaminoethyelene phosphonate (DTMPA) o   Aminotrimethylenephosphonic Acid (ATMP)
Water Clarifiers o   Polyacrylamide (PAM)
Water Injection Chemicals o   Ammonium Bisulfite o   Sodium Sulfite
Wax and Asphaltene Control o   Polyacrylate Ester
Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals (EOR) Alkali Surfactant Polymer Flooding o   Anionic Surfactant + Alkali + Polymeric Viscosity Modifier
Low Salinity Water Injection o   Membrane Filtration (Scale Inhibitor + Membrane Cleaning Chemicals)
Water Shut-off Chemicals o   Polyacrylamide + Chromium

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