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Industrial and Institutional Cleaners

Industrial and Institutional Cleaners

Industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaners are intended for routine cleaning of industrial, commercial, warehouse and public institutions, outside of the normal household environment. I&I cleaners are variety of chemicals including acids, alcohols, bleaches, disinfectants, solvents, and surfactants. In United States food additives markets has shown growth by >7% every year.

Gasochem International work with private, federal, state, and local agencies to supply them Industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaners which are listed below: 

Type Chemical Used
Acids o   Hydroxyacetic (Glycolic acid) o   Ethylenediaminetetraacetic (EDTA) o   Formic Acid o   Citric Acid o   Hydrochloric Acid o   Oxalic Acid o   Phosphoric Acid o   Orthophophoric Acid o   Sulfamic Acid o   Sulfuric Acid o   Lactic Acid
Alcohols o   Ethanol o   Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
Alkalies o   Alkanolamine o   Ammonia o   Magnesium Hydroxide o   Potassium Hydroxide o   Sodium Hydroxide o   Sodium Metasilicate o   Trisodium Phosphate o   Morpholine
Biocides/ Disinfectants o   Glutaraldehyde/Formaldehyde o   Chlorine Dioxide o   Peracetic Acid o   Hydrogen Peroxide o   Pine Oil o   Benzalkonium Chloride o   Chlorinated isocyanurates o   Brominated hydantoins o   Iodofors
Bleach Activator o   Tetraacetyl Ethylene Diamine (TAED) o   Sodium Perborate Monohydrate o   Sodium Percarbonate o   Sodium Hypochlorite o   Peracetic Acid
Corrosion Inhibitors o   Alkenyl Dicarboxylic Acid o   Sodium Silicate o   Potassium Silicate o   Triethanolamine o   Phosphoric Acid Esters
Solvents o   Buytl Diglycol o   Acetone o   Terpenes/Dipentene o   N-Methyl pyrrolidine (NMP) o   D-limonene o   Trichlorethylene o   Xylene/Toluene/Butyl Glycol Ether o   Methyl Soyate o   Propylene Glycol Ether o   Ethyl Lactate
Surfactants o   Alkyl Sulfonate o   Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate o   AlkylBenzene Sulfonate (LAS) o   Sodium Xylene Sulfonate o   Phosphoric Acid Estsers o   Fatty alcohol Polyglycol Ether o   Paraffin Sulfonate o   Ethoxylated Alcohol Sulfate o   Alkyl Hydroxylethyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride o   Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate (TKPP) o   Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates o   Amine Oxide o   Alkylpolyglycoside o   Sodium Lignosulfonate o   Sodium Coco-amphohydroxypropyl sulfonate o   Alkyl Amidopropyl betaines o   Alkyl Diglycol ether sulfate sodium salts o   Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP)
Etching Agent o   Ammonium Bifluoride
Thickener/Filler o   Bentonite o   Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) o   Polyacrylates o   Sodium Chloride o   Sodium Sulfate o   Xanthan Gum
Builder o   Citrate o   Gluconate o   Potassium Silicate o   Sodium Metasilicate o   Sodium/Potassium Tripolyphophate (STPP) o   Zeolites
Destainer o   Octyl phenol
Odor Remover o   Ozone System
Buffer o   Sodium Acid Pyrophophate
Floor Preservation o   Polymer Waxes
Softener /Descaler o   Sodium Carbonate
Abrasive o   Sodium Disilicate
Sealant o   Sodium Silicate

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