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Custom Packaging & Labelling

Packaging to your exact specifications!

At Gasochem International, we have an exceptional set-up that allows us to custom package and label a wide range of chemical blends to meet your specific requirements. This translates to small quantities suitable for product trials or research and development, all the way through to large-scale productions. With state-of-the-art chemical packaging equipment, capable of filling and capping 2 oz. to 1-gallon bottles, Gasochem International can fill all your small packaging needs. At the other end of the scale, we routinely package 5-gallon pails up to 55 gallons drums or totes.

Consistent designer chemical labels

Our joint venture with professional labeling facilities enables us to generate customized chemical labels for bottles, pails and drums. With our marketing and design partners, we can create impressive labels that incorporate the product details along with your company’s name, its logo and other branding elements. We will help you develop labeling that will meet all domestic and international transport regulations, including complying with any hazardous regulations required.

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