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Coatings – Performance

Coatings – Powder

Powder coatings are resin-based formulations that are compounded with pigments, fillers and other additives to achieve highly durable finishes on metals. The industry is basically composed of raw material suppliers, powder coating formulators and powder coating applicators. ‘Chemaya’ works with all to address their needs. In United States, powder coatings have shown growth by 4.6% every year.

Gasochem International work with private, federal, state, and local agencies to supply them powder coatings which are listed below:



Function Chemical
Coatings Types o   Acryclic coatings o   Acrylic Elastomeric coatings o   Alkyd coatings o   Epoxy coatings o   Silicone coatings o   Urethane coatings (Polyurea , MCU’s) o   Vinyl coatings o   Chlorinated Rubber coatings o   Zinc Rich Primers (Zinc + Ethyl Silicate) o   Fluropolymers ( PVDF )
Pigments o   Titanium Dioxide o   Iron Oxide o   Carbon Black o   Lead Silicochromate o   Zinc Silicochromate
Extenders o   Calcium Carbonate o   Mica o   Talc o   Clay

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