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Oils & Gas

Oil & Gas
Oils & Gas
Challenges in Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry is massive. It consists of three sectors Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

Upstream encompasses searching for, recovering, and producing crude oil and/or natural gas from underground or underwater fields. Complex and risky, this segment is highly impacted by political and economic realities. Plagued by regulation that drives technology change and subsequent work force skill issues, the upstream is the most complex of the oil and gas segments.

This segment is focused on managing volatility and risk. Change is constant in all aspects of business operations. Rapid development, efficiently, and cost effectively are critical to return on assets as well as customer satisfaction.

Midstream operations often include some elements of the upstream and downstream sectors. This segment embodies the complete execution dilemma of Supply and Demand. Covering transportation, processing, storage and distribution operations the objective is getting crude oil and natural gas to refineries. Tasked with installing the infrastructure for getting product from wellhead to processor; consolidating supply and demand channels is especially challenging in the global economy.

Challenges today are founded in the diversities of quality, location and quantity of supply’s and demands. Mismatches foster asset utilization issues on both the oil and gas supply chains. Disruptive/ destructive technologies like fracking “laser” focus on sustainable demand to maintain price ultimately supporting infrastructure development and deployment.

Downstream operations include the Refining and Processing of Natural Gas and Liquid Natural Gas which produces the byproduct element sulfur (65% of world supplies). Distribution and trading are vital and appropriate avenues are a constant struggle to balance. The need for better results and creating alliances in the supply chain, is a growing focus in this sector. Supply Chain performance is increasingly dependent on technologies that model, design and monitor operational and engineering assets. In addition, rising cost of services is a challenge that cuts across the oil & gas industry; exploration, production, refinement and transportation.

Oil and Gas Supply Chain Solutions

Gasochem International understands the driving forces at play in each segment of the Oil & Gas industry and how Supply Chain Planning technologies meet the objectives of organizations who perform in this dynamic business environment. As requirements are understood within the various supply chains, it is evident why the ability to plan, model, design and execute is paramount for this industry.

Our team has delivered successful solutions spanning operations across the entire Oil & Gas Supply Chain. Specializing in Supply Chain Planning with focus on the culture, people and processes, our solutions achieve significant impact on integrated business planning, strategic optimization, demand planning, production scheduling, and logistics & supply chain optimization.

Oracle SCP products are strategically and tactically applied to improve the various supply chains within the oil & gas industry. Solutions are ERP agnostic and have been integrated with EBS, JDE, PeopleSoft, SAP and other recognized ERP solutions.

We help our clients in this industry overcome challenges and respond to trends with improved economic performance through the following services:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning & Inventory Management
  • Global Suppy Chain & Logistics Optimization
  • Sales & Operations / Integrated Business Planning
  • Supply Chain Assessments & Industry Benchmarking
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