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Consumer Products

Consumer Products
Consumer Products
Challenges in Consumer Products & Retail

Consumer product and retail supply chains are being driven by consumer demands more than ever, with educated and digitally savvy consumers pressing companies toward customization, transparency and tailored delivery. In perfect world, consumers would find the right product, when they want it and where they want it. In reality, this is a challenge because of complex supply chain processes and demand signals, no synchronization between planning and execution, and poor data availability.

Consumer-Driven Supply Chains Solutions

Gasochem International can help your company achieve a common view across all businesses, channels and brands by enabling a "consumer-centric" business model. This consumer demand-driven supply chain focuses activities on consumer demand, enabling companies to better read and react to customer purchases. We help retail and consumer products companies build seamless commerce capabilities through an integrated solution framework that addresses:

  • Integrated Planning and Execution
  • End-to-End Visibility
  • Intelligent Commerce and Fulfillment
  • Artfully manage brand portfolios—defining optimal brand and product portfolio roles, winning strategies, investment levels and profit expectations
  • Optimize the strategy and execution of pricing and trade terms to help companies reach full potential
  • Build a culture of continuous cost improvement, ensuring the organization measures and tracks true cost-to-serve in order to drive it down relentlessly over time
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